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I have started my studies crossing history of art and ethnology, with an endless passion for AfroBrazilian culture.

My interest for textiles began longtime ago, by exploring the crochet knitting techniques and creating crochet urban art installations wrapping bicycles, statues and parking meters.

After that, I created MUDA, an upcycling project that questioned the large-scale textile production and its heavy impact on the environment.

In August 2020, I completed a Master's degree in Textile Design at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts in Bruxelles, Belgium, working on the project LET'S TWIST AGAIN, focusing on possible solutions to up-cycle industrial textiles waste, after my internship at VLISCO, a textile company in the Netherlands.

All along my research, I experiment with old traditional techniques in search of new aesthetic languages to promote and share a more sustainable textile creation.


23rd June - 05th October 2020 _ DESIGN.S International Student Design Biennial _ Brno (CZ)

27th August - 29th August 2020 _ Graduation Show _ MAD Home of creators _ Bruxelles (BE)

21th - 27th September 2020 _ FITE Festival _ Clérmont Férrand (FR)

30th January - 06th February 2021 _ The mirror & the lamp | Exposition des lauréat.e.s 2020 _ Brussels (BE)

07th February - 07th March 2021 _ Prix Tremplin _ Mons (BE)

24th April - 21th October 2021_ ARTIVISM _ Fashion Revolution Italia / Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto


27th August 2021- December 2022 _ EU Craft Hub: Maker Exchange Residencies

03th - 06th November 2021 _ ARTIVISM _ Fashion Revolution Italia / UNIDEE Fondazione Pistoletto _ Biella (IT)

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